Is Housing Still A Good Investment

Dated: April 28 2015

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As far back as I can remember, I was taught that buying a house was the best investment you can make. I vividly remember talking with my parents shortly after I graduated college. I remember them telling me to purchase a home and start building equity as soon as I could. In recent years the American Dream of home ownership has been just a dream, and in some cases has turned into a nightmare.

A recent Gallup Poll indicates that home ownership is beginning to win back the top seat among other investment strategies. Since the housing bubble burst in 2005 many people, and investors, have looked at other investment strategies. Many looked to Gold, Stock, Bonds, CD’s and even plain old Savings Accounts as ways to protect their money and invest.

New data from Gallup shows that real estate is making a comeback, but not everyone is ready to jump on that ship just yet.

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    not interested in real estate. Have more than needed now. Please discontinue your advertising to me. Thanks. mmkt2004

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